What’s a Broom Tree?

A wanted man, Elijah left his lone servant and proceeded out into the desert wilderness.  There he came to a broom tree, and stopped to lie down and sleep.   Exhausted both physically and emotionally, and convinced that his work was not amounting to much, Elijah prayed that the Lord would take his life. He then fell asleep.It was there, in the midst of his sleep, that God came and visited Elijah. God sent an angel to wake Elijah, to feed him, and to encourage him not to give up. After more rest and more food, Elijah was strengthened and continued the journey. Soon after, God told Elijah to go stand on the mountain, for “the Lord is about to pass by.” (1 Kings 19:11) Elijah did as told, and sure enough, God passed by, perhaps not as expected, but maybe even better than expected! What God did was not pass by in the great wind, not in the earthquake, and not in the fire. Instead, God appeared to Elijah in the quiet of a gentle whisper… giving him assurance and direction to continue his important work.

Whether we are a prophet, a pastor, a missionary, a parent, a spouse, or whatever it is we are, we too may be tired. You may be here at this place today precisely because you are tired. You may feel like you have been trying your best for a long time, and your best just doesn’t seem to go as far as you’d like it. The people don’t listen, the church isn’t responding, the kids are a constant challenge, your marriage is good, but you’re just too tired and busy to put in the effort you’d like. Whatever your story is, it may be that you, too, are in need of a broom tree, a place where you can rest physically and offer up your thoughts and prayers to God. And maybe, just maybe, God knows you’re here and knows your needs, and God and his angels want to feed you spiritually, and remind you not to give up the good work you are about. Maybe God wants to give you further vision, or God-sized dreams, or even change the direction and purpose of your life. Or maybe, God just wants to simplify a little, and downsize the chaos and fast-paced life you might be living.

Instead of going to a large conference, a revival church service, or reading the latest self-help best seller, it is our prayer that God will meet you here at Pleasant Creek… in the quiet, where one can be alone, walk the garden and seek God’s face in prayer and in the Word. For those of you in need, may this place be a “broom tree” for you, for whatever your need or situation, and may you be reminded that you are not alone, and that God is big enough and strong enough and loving enough for the situation at hand.

To that end, it is our prayer that Pleasant Creek is not just a place to get away, but a place that tends your soul and feeds your spirit, so that you then can go home and tend the souls of others – friend, spouse, child, parent, co-worker, or stranger. Let us join together in sharing what God has given to us – grace, love and hope!

Blessings to you, our friends,
Nick and Kristin Sorani