"We were blessed by the beauty outside and the elegance inside!"

“We were blessed by the beauty outside and the elegance inside!”

Created by God, Designed for You

Pleasant Creek is privately owned by Nick and Kristin Sorani, with the vision to welcome church leaders, couples, families and individuals. As former pastor/church leaders and parents of two teenagers, Nick and Kristin realized the value of having a place to unplug, to find peace and privacy in an inspiring setting that lent itself to rest, renewal and reflection. (see Broom Tree)

Thus, Pleasant Creek is simply a first class retreat house where clients come with either ambitious study/work goals, or come to enjoy some time away with their spouse or family. Some have been quite successful at doing both study and play all in the same stay.   If no schedule and no interruptions sounds like an opportunity long overdue, then contact us to reserve some dates and begin planning for your time here in Southern Oregon.

About Nick and Kristin

coupleFor over 20 years Nick served in ministry leadership, from summer camp ministry and youth ministry, to adult and pastoral ministry. Nick was the senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Gridley, California from 1998-2007. Since then Nick has worked as a certified life coach, helping clients progress toward their marriage, life or professional goals. To learn more about Nick’s coaching and seminar opportunities, or to follow his monthly blog, go to www.nicksorani.com

Kristin has been an elementary education teacher, with a second masters degree in special education, teaching and helping students with learning disabilities. She also loves to sing and is an accomplished vocalist who has toured with choirs in Europe and recorded her own CD entitled Amazing Love. Kristin has recently been finishing work on a children’s book titled I Wish I Were An Animal. www.kristinsorani.com Regarding the Pleasant Creek house, it was Kristin who held the strong conviction that those who are on the front lines of ministry and mission work (might we throw in parenting and marriage) deserve not our hand-me-downs, but our best for them. We hope you will come and enjoy the reality of this vision.